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3 Trends and Tips in Ecommerce for Pet Brands

3 Trends and Tips in Ecommerce for Pet Brands

Retailers, manufacturers, and investors are all vying for a piece of the "pet treat"/pie! Brands have to up their game in attracting the right consumers in the pet industry.  For particular items, such as food, replenishment is predictable. Ecommerce has seen a 92% growth rate in dog food alone since 2017. Other items, such as toys and pet care products are explored frequently distraction-free online.  Digital access to the pet items has offered consumers the ultimate convenience. Between food, pet grooming, boarding, and toys, brands have ample opportunity to capture their target audience. It's easy to see that pet parents are spending more and more on their "fur babies."

Pets are full-fledged family members. According to the American Pet Products Association, over 68% of households in the United States have a family pet. Brands are leaning into digital channels to meet customer demand, build brand recognition and expand market penetration. Here are 3 trends and tips we are seeing in the eCommerce pet industry:


  1. Pet industry influencers
    • Pet influencers are on the next big trend for brands, eCommerce and pet items.
    • Look for a blogger that incorporates your brand authentically.
    • Brands are partnering with influencers to increase awareness and it creates content for social media.
  2. Peace of mind using technology
    • Pet parents are relying on pet monitors and treat dispensers to keep an eye on their pets while they are working or away from home.
    • Health & GPS trackers: pet parents want to make sure their dogs are getting the right amount of exercise, Whistle, allows you to track calories and location at all times with a simple collar on your dog or cat.
    • Games: using interactive games such as CleverPet, keep your cat or dog entertained using puzzles and color matching.
  3.  Pet Apps
    • Digdog, a digital community to find dog friends for your dog. It's creating an interactive platform where other dog owners can ask questions, meet up and highlights dogs in need of adoption.
    • Dig, a pet persons dating app, is the newest way to meet other dog lovers.


  1. Manage Reviews: Reviews influence buying decisions. Interact with your consumers and respond to both positive and negative reviews on a regular cadence. Scrape reviews to gather insight on how to promote a product or improve content. Use language learning to adapt digital strategy.
  2. Optimize Content:  content drives search visibility in organic search. Dynamic and accurate content will persuade your consumer to purchase your product. Ensure your brand image and product description is the same across multiple channels such as,, and
  3. Stay in stock: Being out of stock is a quick way to drop off the first page for search results. Stay ahead of inventory issues. Any out of stock situation sends your consumer to a competitor, a risk to any business.
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Pets parents want their pets to live long, happy and healthy lives. Technology engages audiences and provides insights into pet trends. Data software such as Reviewbox, Pricebox, and Copybox can all help guide digital strategy.




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