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4 Challenges Facing Heritage Brands in eCommerce

Challenges facing heritage brands in eCommerce

Heritage brands have to blend tradition and innovation to stand out and stay competitive in an ever-evolving industry, online retail. At Reviewbox, we strive to help companies outsmart the competition and focus on metrics that matter.

The world is powered by digital experiences and heritage brands are looking to remain relevant in the digital landscape. Having a presence on is the most obvious way to get noticed by new customers.

In order to win the digital shelf, heritage brands must adapt and overcome challenges in eCommerce.

Here are 4 challenges to overcome:

1. Trust

Plenty of people are still wary of shopping online. We can all recall an experience with data breaches in the news. Consumers want to connect with your brand and feel like you will protect their protection.

  • Protect Data: Customers want to shop with brands they trust will keep their information secure. It's vital brands invest in secure technology systems to process customer information.
  • Be Authentic: Listen to customers. Weave your brand story throughout your campaigns and help consumers understand who you are as a company.

2. Omnichannel presence

  • Create a seamless online experience. Constant pressure is being placed on companies to be present on every online channel. The transition from a multi-channel business to an omnichannel experience is not easily adopted by companies. This requires overcoming internal challenges of managing logistics, inventory accounting and creating consistent
  • Personalized Experience: The land of eCommerce thrives on being able to deliver a personalized experience to consumers. Brands must deliver customized content and special content to their target audience to engage them and convert interest into sales.

3. Customer Loyalty and Relevancy in the Marketplace

It’s easy to lose consumers to the next best thing. Failure to deliver to customers means losing them.

  • Customer Service: Consumers desire to be engaged and represented in an online marketplace. Customers crave personalized experiences. Reviews and review engagement enhances customer experiences.
  • Shipping: Failure to deliver is a risk for all eCommerce brands. Our eCommerce e-book for CPG brands describes the importance of free shipping to consumers. Free shipping is king.
  • The existential- Why should heritage brands continue to exist? Brands are being forced to look at their heritage, their foundation story and create a true purpose for their brand in today’s saturated landscape. Tap into your brand's heritage to revive your story and show off the values that can separate you from the competition.

4. Choosing the Right People & Technology 

  • Create a Digital and eCommerce Team: Heritage brands have a strong brick and mortar presence. They can be slow to adapt to the opportunities and changes in online retail. Brands should invest in eCommerce strategist to create and execute plans that grow market share and penetration.
  • Have the best solutions software: Solutions software that can measure and track performance help guide strategy. This helps identify shortfalls in service or product and opportunities for growth. Having the ability to measure performance based on customer feedback, buy box trends and steadily measure search rank on online pages is valuable for long term success for any company.


We help brands pursue eCommerce opportunities at every touchpoint from search rank to content congruency and review feedback.

Heritage brands can overcome their challenges with the right tools. Heritage brands have to do a delicate dance between evolving and maintaining their history as inspiration for the future.

The customer is the heartbeat of any eCommerce organization in the connected economy shopping both online and in brick and mortar.

Brands that can identify weaknesses and repurpose their strengths are able to continue to stay relevant and engage their audience.


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