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4 Ways Brands Can Prepare for Cyber Monday

What to Expect from Cyber Weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday

Cyber weekend 2019, the shopping period that includes Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is slated to be the top shopping period of the year, even with Prime Day having scored a portion of holiday sales. Last year, Cyber Monday broke online sales records with $7.9 billion in sales. That number is expected to be exceeded this year, due to the fact that shoppers will lose almost a full week of shopping days due to Thanksgiving falling later in the month than usual and will turn to online shopping over brick and mortar.

How Can Reviewbox Help Brands?

Brands and retailers have been preparing for this season for months now, considering inventory and advertising campaigns. But how can they maximize their reach during the busy season? Here are some tips that Reviewbox users can employ during Cyber Weekend and throughout the holiday season to help you manage product listings and keep them at the top of search results.
  1. Reviewbox research shows that the influx of reviews from holiday purchases peak in January - just after the holiday rush. However, now is a good time to make sure that you have notifications set and a process in place to respond to negative reviews that come in during the holidays. Be sure to keep an eye on excessive negative reviews that could signal a 3p seller has attached itself to your ASIN and is selling counterfeit items, a practice that increases during the holiday season. Review all Q&A to ensure that the correct information is displayed to the product listing. Don't let an unhappy consumer or 3p competitor performing black hat tricks affect your bottom line. Control the flow of information to your consumers.

2. For brands that manufacture a hot ticket item, particularly in the toy category, ensure you are tracking your best selling items across marketplaces and set up notifications for when a new 3p seller lists your item on a marketplace. This will help your team stay on top of any MAP violations.

3. Be sure your content guidelines are updated in Copybox and that your notifications are set correctly. Ensure that your product listing content matches brand guidelines and isn't changed by an external source, such a 3p seller who wins the Buy Box.

4. By now, ad teams have a strategy built for campaigns for Amazon Advertising. However, teams should continuously look at the data and revise as needed. With a shorter holiday shopping period in 2019, brands will be jockeying for prime space on the digital shelf. To ensure your campaigns are matching with shopper's search, use the share of voice report to track where you are ranking on search for sponsored products.

Make sure that the keywords you are bidding on in Amazon Advertising align with your product listing content and that they are performing well in Ad Station. Remove poor performing products before the holiday rush to ensure that your ACOS isn't effected.

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