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5 Problems Brands are Facing on Amazon, Reviewbox can Help

Recently, an article was published on entitled, Five Things Keeping Amazon Sellers Up at Night, listing buy box suppression, selling out of inventory, processing delays, cloned listings, and Amazon itself as causes for business owners to have anxiety over their listings. There is good news for any vendor that is losing sleep over their Amazon sales - Reviewbox can help!

1. 'Buy Box Suppression'

Let's start with buy box suppression. The one-click buy option is a coveted thing in the Amazon world, with venders and sellers engaging in bidding wars to own the buy box. However, this option can disappear and buyers are left to sort through offers - or move on to another product with a one-click buying option. According to's article, sellers see a huge drop in sales when they lose the buy box. This can happen when outside retailers like Walmart or Target offer the product at a lower price.  There is a way to combat this by tracking your pricing across multiple retailers. Using our software, Pricebox, you can do just that. Use the Marketplace feature to track price movement across multiple online retailers at a time. Receive Buy Box Alerts so you know if you lose the buy box and who the current owner is.

Losing the buy box can hurt vendors since it is the most prime piece of real estate on an Amazon product page.  Companies have reported seeing a plunge in profits after losing the buy box so staying on top of it with our tools can help with your company's overall growth.

2. Selling Out

Items that sell out of stock across the platform could see their search ranking drop and Amazon will move on to another vendor. You could stockpile product in Amazon warehouses but that's not a guarantee you won't sell out there as well. In addition, Amazon charges a storage fee on inventory held in its warehouses, so stockpiling may not be the best bet for your product. To ensure that you don't run out of inventory and have your listing killed by Amazon, use Pricebox to track inventory. Know when your stock level is in 3p, low, slow or unavailable.

3. Processing delays

Speaking of slow stock, vendors and sellers must meet criteria to continue selling on Amazon and those criteria are measured in performance points. Have too many late or delayed shipments and your performance rating can take a hit. According to the article, there has been an increase in processing delays from the Amazon warehouse. Stay on top of inventory and ensure that your product arrives at the Amazon warehouse within the 14 day window it needs to be processed by tracking inventory with Pricebox.

4. Cloned listings

The selling of counterfeit items is prohibited on Amazon. However, some vendors are finding themselves the victims of another type of fraud - cloning. Shady sellers will copy a product's images and text verbatim to use as product descriptions for their own similar product, duping buyers into purchasing their knock off item and cutting into profits of legitimate sellers.
Copybox can help you stay on top of your content and monitor any malicious or unwanted changes.  You set your own guidelines for each product title and description and receive email notifications when any unwanted changes occur.

5. Amazon points out, "Probably one of the biggest things keeping sellers up at night is worrying about Amazon itself. As the company extends into new types of businesses, many founders wonder if--or even when--they will need to compete directly with the retail giant."

While Amazon develops its private label brands, other brands will inevitably be pushed out of the marketplace. One way to remain visible is through sponsored ads but navigating Amazon Advertising (formerly Amazon Marketing Services), isn't without its own challenges. Ad Station by Reviewbox  provides automated bid management to help vendors optimize their bids for sponsored ads in search results. It also offers keyword suggestions to help boost visibility. Vendors can easily track campaigns using Ad Station's instant visualizations of AMS reports.