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The Daily Review


Updated Analytics Tools for Amazon and More

Reviewbox is an Amazon Analytics Tool

When Reviewbox was founded in 2016, our customers' main concern was aggregating reviews from multiple platforms to one dashboard, with the goal of saving time and improving customer engagement. Since then, Reviewbox has grown, along with the needs of our customers, to be a complete e-commerce analytics tool for Amazon vendors and brands across retailers. Now in addition to more refined ratings and review data, we track price and inventory data, content changes, and Amazon Advertising data.

Building a Better Reviewbox

We have listened with great to care our customers to determine:

  • what features they want to see in our software
  • what problems they are seeking to solve
  • how we can make Reviewbox better.

Many new product releases and updated features are a result of customer feedback. Two common themes we have been hearing is

  1. the tool is an integral part of their workflow but the user interface could use a makeover.
  2. brands are getting more sophisticated with their use of data and want more analytics built into the tool.

We have taken this to heart and have been working to create a user-friendly dashboard with a cleaner design aesthetic. Our latest upgrade to the dashboard is a new reporting feature that provides clear visualizations of the data.

Introducing our New Reporting Feature

To access the reports dashboard, go to the main menu and select "Reports" under the "Analytics" tab. There you will see any active reports that are ready to download.


To create a new report, simply click the "Create Report" tab to select from the following reports and customize them for your needs. Once the report is loaded, you will have access to instant visualizations.



Accessing the Advanced Reports

All Reviewbox clients have access to this new feature, with unlimited exports and one advanced report at a time. In order to access multiple reports at once, please contact us at to find out more about our enterprise features.