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Amazon Marketing Services Is No More - Long Live Amazon Advertising

Many of our brands recently received the following email from Amazon:

It's important to note that there are really two distinct merges that are occurring here:

  1. The various marketing services (AMS, AMG, AAP, brand store) are being rebranded under the Amazon Advertising umbrella. Although they now have slightly different names they will retain the same core functionality (plus some).
  2. Amazon intends on unifying the vendor and seller experiences (at least from an advertising point-of-view). Third-party sellers have already had access to Sponsored Products and more recently Headline Search Ads (via brand registry). From Amazon's perspective these two distinctions (vendor vs seller) is becoming increasingly irrelevant. This unification points the way for all brand owners (whether 1P or 3P) to eventually have access to all the advertising tools.

So what does this mean for manufacturers and brands? Since the core functionality hasn't really changed, nothing changes in the immediate future. However, there are some long-term trends that brand owners should be aware of.

First, advertising off and on Amazon will become an increasingly important topic. As Seller Central users gain access to many of these same tools, Vendor Central customers should be prepared for increased competition from smaller, more nimble brands. To give you a sense of just how different larger and smaller brands approach keyword optimization, as just one example, check out our blog post on this topic:


The second trend that brands must be prepared for is the move to an API-based platform. Several Amazon advertising capabilities (AMS, AAP) are already programmatic or will be soon. This means that brands that leverage internal or external tools will be able to manage a greater number of campaigns, adjust bids automatically, and realize greater advertising efficiency (e.g., lowering ACoS). Different third-party tools (including ours) will be designed for different types of organizations, so we suggest brands do thorough research to find the solution that works best for them.

It's clear that Amazon intends on making advertising an important pillar of their business to compete with the likes of Google and Facebook. Amazingly enough Amazon is just getting started so it's better to prepare now during these early days. At Reviewbox, we believe this unification be treated as an opportunity - an opportunity to more effectively reach customers by leveraging all these technologies using a programmatic and data-driven approach. For brands that need help with this don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at