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What can Big Brands Learn from 3P Sellers? A Tale of Two Different Content Strategies

There are a variety of content strategies that brands can employ to increase their product’s exposure on Amazon. From Capturing Your Share of the Digital Shelf, we saw how bigger brands were able to dominate for broader, more competitive search terms while smaller brands had to focus on using more narrow terms. For this post, we wanted to do a follow up and understand specific differences in the product detail pages for those two search strategies.

Keywords and Product Pages

First we looked at a product page ranking for the term, “black tea”. After the paid search results, one of the top items was “Twinings Tea, English Breakfast, 100 Count, 7.05 oz.”. We then looked at a product page ranking for a more narrow term, “loose leaf organic black tea”. One of the products ranking for this term was “Organic Black Loose Leaf Darjeeling Tea” from Vahdam Teas.

As you can see, there are many differences between the product content strategies for these two items.

Unsurprisingly, the Vahdam Teas is a 3P item (i.e., sold by a third-party marketplace seller).

Title of product

While Twinings only uses 7 words in the title, Vahdam maximizes their product title by using 29. Since Vahdam is a smaller, lesser known brand, they have added descriptors and alternative product uses into the title. The brand name is not even included in the title. Twinings uses a very different strategy – relying on brand name recognition at the very start.

Product Descriptions

Both brands utilize 5 product description bullet points, but with distinctly different strategies. Twinings uses, on average, 11 words per bullet point. However, much of the information is basic and repeated (“Kenyan and Assam teas,” for example, is in 3 of 5 points). Vahdam, instead, speaks to the potential buyer about the experience of using the tea. The bullet points average 42 words. Those 31 extra words goes toward describing what makes their tea unique in the market and alternative uses.


Product Pictures

Product pictures are where these two companies vary even more. Even though Twinings has 5 pictures, three of them depict the same box at different angles. The only information Twinings gives through these pictures is what the box looks like, the ingredients, and how tall the box is. Vahdam Teas, in contrast, includes 9 different pictures. While the majority showcase the tea leaves, the photos also show what the tea looks like brewed, instruction on how to prepare the tea, the packaging, and the mission of Vahdam Teas.


As you can see, larger and smaller brands use quite different strategies when presenting their products to customers. Twinings Tea relies on brand recognition and more general content to communicate their products. Smaller brands, like Vahdam Teas, provide extra information to speak to their potential buyers. They take advantage of long tail keywords to sell their product in an informative way.

Given these two distinct strategies, what can brands learn to improve their product detail pages? First, bigger brands are implicitly assuming that customers are searching using branded terms such as "Twinings". While this helps existing Twinings customers find their products on Amazon, it doesn't necessarily attract new customers. Smaller brands, in contrast, are clearly aiming at the new customer segment.

For more established brands, we suggest using more descriptive bullet features and images to help attract new customers alongside existing customers. For smaller brands, longer isn't always better - creating a lasting brand image means blending the right mix of descriptive terms with a brand name that customers will remember.

We hope you've enjoyed this post, and if you're ever interested in running this type of analysis for your products let us know. We have some great tools like Copybox and Searchbox that helps track exactly where you and other brands are ranking for specific keywords. If you want to learn more about how to do that, contact us at