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Amazon Review Delay - UPDATED

The Review-pocolypse (or Where Are My Reviews?)

If you've been reading reviews on Amazon for the past few days you may have noticed something. Most of the reviews are from the Feb. 16th or earlier. It's really, really hard to spot more recent reviews even for very popular items. So, for example, here's a screenshot taken today of some popular Tide laundry detergent pods.

Recent Tide reviews

It normally receives a handful of reviews every day but the last review was from 5 days ago. In fact, if you go through Amazon's best sellers list you'll see this pattern repeat itself across most products and categories. The least impacted category appears to be electronics and some private Amazon brands. Reviews for these items are still delayed but only by 2 - 3 days.

This graph illustrates three months of review data for three different Reviewbox customers. There were three instances since November when there were ZERO product reviews posted but just after February 14, all three customers experienced a massive dip in reviews and simultaneously flatlined at zero.

Amazon is holding customer reviews.


This is extreme but isn't necessarily a new thing. Starting in early December 2018, we started noticing that many reviews were appearing on the site 1 - 3 days after the review was submitted. What we're seeing here may just be an extreme version of this delay. But why is this delay even happening?

Amazon Reviews & Guidelines

Whether you buy or sell products on Amazon, you probably know how important product feedback is to Amazon and it’s customers. It’s so important, in fact, that Amazon has very strict rules around the terms and conditions of what can be submitted. In addition to these terms, Amazon may also screen the reviews to ensure none of the terms are violated. Our best guess right now is that Amazon is testing a new automated solution to flag fake reviews. Either this system hasn't scaled appropriately or it's still being heavily tested (hence this delay).

While it’s good to know there’s a crackdown on abusive reviews, you may be wondering - what if I’m missing something? Am I losing valuable data or missing alerts when the reviews do eventually come in? 

Do These Delays Cause a Loss of Data?

With Reviewbox, you don’t have to worry! Since the increased scrutiny on reviews, we've updated our data collection process to look for reviews that have been posted in the past several days as well as capturing the new reviews posted. We've also modified our alerts so that you'll get an email notification for reviews that were posted after they were originally submitted.

If you are monitoring reviews manually, don’t take a chance in missing something. Email for a product demo or free trial, and we’ll make sure you don’t miss any product reviews!