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Searchbox - Tracking Search Rank on Amazon (Part 1)

How to Track Search Rank on Amazon

Landing the coveted top spot of your search results is a constant struggle between optimizing your product’s content, competing with other products, and constructing quality keyword campaigns. Even well-crafted listings can fall whim to the black box that is Amazon’s search rank algorithm. As time-consuming as creating a great campaign can be, there are not a lot of great tools for monitoring those keywords until now. Searchbox is the latest product offering from Reviewbox, and it was specifically developed to help you monitor your product’s search rank position and keywords.

Search Rank and SEO

Search rank (also known as search rank position or SRP) measures where your product appears when a user performs a search on Amazon (or other e-commerce site). Here’s a quick example of a search on Amazon.

We have our search term outlined near the top in brown. Below that, in green, we can see the headline results for the brand The Honest Kitchen advertising three products. Since the brand in the headline results may change throughout the week, Searchbox will automatically keep track of the proportion of time a brand appears in the headline. Below the headline ad we can see the sponsored products in red. Sponsored products can appear near the top, bottom, or along the side of the page. Although these are technically ads, they look very similar to an organic search result. Finally outlined in blue, we see the organic search results.

Appearing near the top of results increases your product’s visibility and increases the chance that your product will be purchased. This can be achieved either by creating an AMS campaign or by optimizing your own organic results. The process of improving your search rank is often referred to search engine optimization (or SEO). SEO on Amazon is a complex topic but the core components include:

While we won’t cover SEO in this article, the first step to improvement is to start measuring.

Tracking Search Rank Position with Searchbox

Now that we’re familiar with search rank, where does Searchbox fit in and how can it help us track all this information? With Searchbox you gain automatic visibility into which of your products are performing well. Getting started is super simple - just enter which terms you want to track.

You can also optionally register a set of ASINs. This lets you quickly compare how well your ASINs are performing versus the competition.

For example, let’s say we want to track the term bluetooth headphones, and we have some products that we want to rank highly for that term. Visualizing this relationship, we can register three listings and associate them with the search term.

With Searchbox, you’ll be able to tell where these ASINs are ranking for this term and the other ASINs (potentially competitors) that are ranking for this term as well. Searchbox will also tell you how these ASINs are ranking over time.

How should I select search terms?

  • Monitor search terms that are in an AMS campaign. Since Searchbox shows you data on a keyword basis, it will give you insight to how well that specific term is doing. It will also show what other ASINs are ranking for that term.
  • Monitor search terms that you would potentially add to an AMS campaign to see if you're already ranking for that term organically.
  • Monitor branded terms so you can see who else is ranking for your brand.
  • Monitor for terms that customers use to find your product.

If you need some ideas on generating keywords, you can go to Amazon and start typing a phrase in the search bar. As you're typing Amazon will suggest additional variations on your original term. For example, let's say I’m selling bluetooth headphones and start my search with bluetooth. The search bar will automatically suggest the terms bluetooth earbuds and bluetooth headset.

I hope you've enjoyed this introduction to Searchbox. We have many more features planned so we’ll be back with more blog posts about what Searchbox can do for you!

In the meantime if you're interested in tracking your search rank or have any questions regarding how Reviewbox can help you manage your listings, let us know in the comments or email me at