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Amazon to Discontinue Customer Reviews Report

Amazon Update

This week, Amazon announced that the 'Manufacturer Answers and Customer Reviews Report', accessible through Vendor Central, will be discontinued. After August 31, manufacturers and brands will no longer be able to download recent customer reviews and questions from Amazon. So, what are the options for manufacturer brands to track and to respond to consumer reviews besides manually viewing each ASIN's page?

vendor central reviews report

Monitor and Respond to Amazon Reviews with Reviewbox

Reviewbox makes it easy to monitor and respond to reviews of your products across many retail marketplaces, including and international Amazon sites.

With Reviewbox you can:

  1. Be notified of all new reviews and questions
  2. Access and download all of your product reviews
  3. Respond to reviews and questions from within the Reviewbox application
  4. Understand the 'Voice of the Customer' with intelligent reports and analysis
Reviewbox display of Product Reviews
Reviewbox offers a simple interface to all of your product reviews.

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