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What You Need to Know About Amazon's Sponsored Brands Updates

Updates to Amazon Sponsored Brands

Amazon has recently updated its Sponsored Brands capabilities with new keyword options that will allow your brand to reach more shoppers and lower advertising costs. Amazon advertisers can now add negative keywords, broad match keywords, and broad match modifiers in the campaign builder and campaign manager. These modifiers can be added and removed at any time in the campaign manager.

Negative Keywords

Negative keyword targeting will prevent your ads from showing when a shopper’s search includes one of these unwanted terms. For example, a tennis ball manufacturer might add “shoes” as a negative search term so a shopper in the market for new tennis shoes won’t be shown their ad. This will save you ad spend on terms that won’t yield conversions. Negative keywords apply to broad, phrase, and exact match types. You can add up to 1,000 negative keywords per campaign, and you can alter these at any time.

Broad Match Keywords

Broad match keywords will trigger your ad when variations such as plurals and synonyms are shown in addition to exact matches. This will expand your brand’s reach by showing ads to a larger pool of potential customers. An example of broad match in action would be an ad targeting “jeans” showing on a shopper’s query for “pants.”

Broad match modifiers can be used when you want certain words to always appear in broad match keywords. To add a broad match modifier, simply add a ‘+’ before the word. For example, ‘+women’s clothing’ will only display your ad for queries containing the word ‘women’s’. Presently, broad match modifiers are only available in sponsored brands, and not yet in sponsored products. Advertisers will be able to add modifiers through API and bulksheets in the same manner that you upload other broad match keywords. If you use Excel for bulksheets, prevent Excel treating this as a formula by adding a space before your ‘+’.

Amazon is continuing to enhance its advertising platform as it aims to gain share against advertising giants like Google and Facebook. As its capabilities continue to improve, easing the strain on advertising managers and their budgets, Amazon proves to be an increasingly dominant force in the world of online advertising.