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Case Study: Radio Systems Corporation

Radio Systems Corporation is the world's leading dog and cat hardgoods products supplier. They subscribe to Reviewbox, Pricebox, and Copybox and are Reviewbox’s founding customer.

The Story of Radio Systems Corporation

In 2016, Reviewbox CEO & Founder James Horey met with Radio Systems Chief Customer Officer Brett Johnson, who at the time was leading Radio Systems’ Amazon business. In this early conversation, Johnson shared that the company needed a better way to access and manage their product reviews. Horey recognized this as a need in the market and immediately began working on a minimum viable product (MVP) for Radio Systems.

"In the spirit of entrepreneurship, I thought this might be a good opportunity to develop something new.”James Horey, Founder & CEO Reviewbox

After a few weeks, Horey presented Johnson with the MVP and asked if it was a service Radio Systems would be willing to pay for.

The answer? A clear, yes. 

The Challenge of Assessing Voice of Customer

Since Radio Systems does not sell the majority of their products directly to customers, but rather through retail partners like Amazon, they did not have a direct line of communication with their customers before working with Reviewbox. They were unable to assess their Voice of Customer or track trends over time at the product and business unit level.

“How do we know how our products are doing besides sales?” – Alisha Cecil, Business Intelligence Analyst

This knowledge gap made it difficult for them to communicate, engage, and attend to their customers’ requests, feedback, and questions after new product launches. It also made it difficult for them to strategically plan for and pivot to meet their customers’ needs, as well as industry trends.

The Results: How Radio Systems Uses Reviewbox

Multiple teams at Radio Systems use Reviewbox.

Product Analytics
With Reviewbox, the Radio Systems Analytics team can track reviews from multiple retail partners, allowing them to keep a pulse on the industry and to identify any problems emerging from negative trends.

“Having reviews gives us watchouts for problems to be aware of—if something is doing well and has good reviews and good sales, it probably will have success in the long-term.” – Alisha Cecil, Business Intelligence Analyst

The Radio Systems Content team leverages their customer questions to inform product content. They also use Reviewbox to track their competitors’ product reviews and to identify opportunities for competitive advantage to inform their own product success.

“We use the Voice of Customer to inform how customers talk about our products. Sometimes we can be too close to the product, and Reviewbox helps us improve our search terms and our copy on the product.” – Brittany Bentley, Associate Director of Analytics

Since there is a major emphasis on customer reviews in the e-commerce industry, Reviewbox has helped the Radio Systems Sales team continuously sell products with good star ratings and majority positive reviews.

“For a recently launched product, Reviewbox data helped us notice a downward trend in star rating and identify the problem through the reviews so that we could address it and get the improved product into the hands of customers quickly.” – Brittany Bentley, Associate Director of Analytics

Customer Care
Reviewbox’s custom email, report, and export options help the Radio Systems Customer Care team answer customer questions efficiently and streamline their division of labor and team communication.

“Reviewbox emails come in with everything we need in one place. That really helps streamline our work.” – Cheyenne Merwin, Customer Care Manager

The Reviewbox Experience

What makes Reviewbox unique?

“Being able to look at data across hundreds of items—that type of scale isn’t possible without a tool like Reviewbox.” – Brittany Boyce, SR Global Ecommerce Analyst

“The ease of connecting with people. You have made it easier to report issues and make us feel listened to.” – Brittany Bentley, Associate Director of Analytics

“The flexibility and the willingness to partner and help. If we have a need on the tool side, you have always been willing to work to deliver.” – Brittany Boyce, SR Global Ecommerce Analyst

The Reviewbox Philosophy

“At Reviewbox, we’ve continued operating in the same customer-first manner that we did with Radio Systems Corporation from the very beginning: we ask our customers what’s important and we come up with good solutions to help them solve their problems.” – James Horey, Founder & CEO Reviewbox

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