The Daily Review

The Daily Review


Changes at

Our attentive customers recently alerted Reviewbox to a few changes on, and we wanted to share that information with all of you. We recommend you reach out to your contacts at Bazaarvoice and Walmart to verify these changes and gather more information on how they will affect you.

Walmart no longer supports customer Q&A.

It appears that has removed all customer questions and answers from their product pages. The change appears to have taken place in late August 2021. Thus, you will not see any new questions flowing into Reviewbox from Walmart.

Responses to reviews are not being displayed on

Reviewbox customers continue to receive reviews on their products sold on, and you may respond to these reviews from Reviewbox or Bazaarvoice. However, the new review layout on Walmart product pages does not display any manufacturer responses to reviews (see below). Reviewbox staff are actively inquiring as to whether responses to Walmart reviews will be provided to the customer via email or another communication channel. We hope to provide an update to you all soon.