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Content Management Across Retailers

As a brand's inventory stretches across online retailers, including marketplaces that are open to third-party sellers, it can be a feel like a juggling act to ensure the brand's message consistent and brand controlled. Our content management tool allows users to create content guidelines and upload their own reference content for product listings.

What does content management look like with Copybox?

Users can set up guidelines based on each retailer's guidelines, indicating the preferred length of the title, description, and feature description. You can also set the optimal number of bullets and images in the content.

Let's take a look at how content can be different across retailers. For this example, we are looking at a popular kitchen tool sold on Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Upon first glance, you can see that only one product listing is within the preset content guidelines, with the listings from Target and Walmart failing. No reference content has been set for these products but upon a quick glance at the Copybox dashboard, it is apparent that there have been recent changes to these product listings.

Columns that include content that has been changed and do not meet guidelines or match reference content are highlighted in red. Columns that are are in compliance are highlighted in green.  A click on the product name shows a side by side comparison of current and previous content so users can track any changes made across retailers making product content management across retailers more efficient and effective.

Walmart content:



Scale Your Content Management Efforts

In addition to the Copybox dashboard, create customizable recurring downloadable reports, delivered to your team on a set cadence. In addition to managing content to ensure that brand messaging is correct across retailers, these reports can be shared across departments to not only keep consistent documentation of content changes across retailers but to track the effects of content changes on organic search rank. This method, described here by e-commerce strategist Sabir Semerkant, can help identify what content is succcessful and what content needs to be changed to scale the shelf.

Have a strong content management strategy in place to maintain brand equity, keep a consistent brand message, and drive sales across retailers.