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Copybox Updates to Help Users Track Product Listing Changes

Copybox - Your Tool for Product Listing Content Management

Copybox allows users to track and monitor content changes across Amazon and other online retailers. It's a good idea to track product listing content for a few reasons.

  1. Ensure that unauthorized 3p sellers aren't hijacking a listing.
  2. Ensure that the brand message is consistent across platforms.
  3. See how content changes impact impressions, conversions, and ad campaigns.

What's New in Copybox?

Copybox users may have noticed some recent updates to their notifications. Here is an overview of some of the change.


The main change is that users can now select "Detailed" or "Summary" notifications. The detailed view shows the exact differences on the page, except for images. The summary view provides a list of the products that have been changed, with only the product name and SKU. You can also customize your notification preferences to view individual changes including description type, details, and badges.

The email notifications default to the detailed view. Users will need to go into their notifications set up to switch to the summary view.

Screen shot of Copybox notification menu

Detailed View:Example of Detailed email notification for Copybox


Summary View:Example of Summary View email notification


Updates have also been made to the export modal in Copybox. The previous export model only included content changes and the date the changewas made. Users can now select "Daily Content" which allows them to see the exact content for each day, regardless of whether or not changes have been made to it.

Changes to Copybox Exports

Finally, the new export has a column that outlines exactly where in your content there is a compliance issue. This shows exactly what content types do not match the reference content so users don't have to go to the content difference page each time. Users who already have export preferences set in Copybox will need to go in and add this column to get the updated export.


New column in Copybox for compliance issues

Key Takeaways

  • Copybox emails are reformatted and have two versions:
    • Detailed: exactly what is on the difference page, except for images.
    • Summary: just the name and SKU of products with changes.
  • Exports over time have new values for the ‘changed’ columns
  • New compliance issues column in export that is the same as the grid.
  • New export option includes "Content changes only" versus "daily export."
  • Reminders:
    • Emails default to "Detailed View"
    • If export preferences are already set for Copybox, users will have to go in and add the new columns manually.

We always love to hear from our users. Let us know what you think of these updates and what changes will help you improve your Reviewbox experience. Drop us a line at More Copybox questions? Check out the tutorials on the Learning Center.