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The Daily Review


Keep Customer Engagement Going with Response Tracking

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is one of the best tools your brand has in its marketing toolbox. Create a great customer experience, engage the customer and show them that you are listening, and you will not only develop strong brand loyalty with that one customer, but you will grow your customer base through word-of-mouth referrals. The best way to engage the customer in the online world, especially a unsatisfied customer, is through responding to customer reviews. Not only can this increase brand loyalty, but did you know that responding to online reviews can increase your organic search ranking as well?


New Product Feature -

Tracking Review Responses

Reviewbox users know that our review management software lets you easily track and respond to product reviews across the digital marketplace on one easy platform. Now we've made it even easier to keep the conversation going with our latest update.

  • Track updates to reviews (star rating, text updates)
  • Track review comments
  • Track answers to questions
  • Highlight official manufacturer responses
  • Ability to export responses

Simply click on Reviews on the sidebar menu. Select the review you want to track and then click the box labeled Response Tracking.

Track responses and Q&A on customer reviews. Track customer reviews with our updated product feature.

Now you will receive notifications if a customer responds to your original response to a review. You will never leave a customer engagement opportunity on the table again with this updated product feature.