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How Stash Tea Uses Reviewbox

Stash Tea Uses Customer Reviews to See What’s Brewing

Stash tea uses Reviewbox to scale Amazon

Background: Portland, Oregon-based Stash Tea has carved out a niche in the tea market since its beginnings in 1972. The company fosters close relationships with farmers and suppliers to ensure they are sourcing high-quality natural ingredients, such as locally grown mint. They produce a wide variety of teas, catering to an equally wide range of consumer palates. Available in brick-and-mortar retailers across the U.S., Stash Tea’s products also fare well on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, where they’ve been selling since 2006.

Stash Tea uses Reviewbox for review management.

Challenge: While scrolling through Amazon reviews a few years ago, a company executive came across the word counterfeit. Packaging differences had led customers to question whether the tea they had purchased was authentic, or produced falsely and sold under the Stash Tea name by another company. 

While addressing the counterfeit problem, Stash Tea realized that checking across retailers for all of their reviews was a time-consuming and cumbersome process. It often meant they were slow to see important information because there were so many reviews to sift through. “I knew we needed a better way to engage with reviews,” says Cindy Harling, sales director at Stash Tea. “With more than 100 specialty teas, we have a large set of reviews to keep track of, and we needed something that could streamline the process.” In search of a solution partner with the right tools, Stash Tea contacted Reviewbox.

Solution: Stash Tea used Reviewbox’s single platform to aggregate all of their customer reviews from retail sites, including Amazon. Through the Reviewbox dashboard, the company could track review titles, scores, Amazon badges, images, videos, and helpful review votes. 

Now, the Stash Tea team receives alerts when new reviews are posted, allowing them to view and address customer concerns quickly. That’s important, says Harling, because it means they are less likely to lose unhappy customers. “That’s the beauty of having Reviewbox come to my email every day,” she says. “I don’t find out about negative reviews a month later. I know immediately, so I can respond quickly.”

And review data can be exported for in-depth analysis, allowing Stash to track their brand performance over time and glean helpful insights from repeated words and phrases in reviews. “We learn the most when they talk about how they’re using our tea,” Harling says. “For example, I started seeing a lot of reviews about making kombucha.” Prompted by multiple mentions of the fermented drink, Harling took the insight to the quality assurance department so they could start posting kombucha recipes and other content likely to keep customers engaged.

Reviewbox also provides competitive analysis for reviews, letting Harling explore how Stash Tea’s biggest rivals for market share are doing. “I’m able to see that other brands deal with similar complaints in their negative reviews,” she says. “It’s reassuring to know we’re not alone.”

Results: Since adopting Reviewbox, Stash Tea has gone from piecemeal management of their online reviews to comprehensive oversight. Here’s how it works:

  • When a customer leaves a negative review, the company receives instant notification via email and Slack so they can respond quickly.
  • Reviewbox enables them to track share of voice data, which offers insights into both sponsored and organic keyword rankings.
  • If rankings are low for a specific search term—for example, “organic tea leaves”—they can respond by updating product description pages to include the term or creating content to boost customer engagement.
  • They can also track share of voice over time, matching their performance against top competitors.
  • Reviewbox gives them access to review frequency data, or the number of reviews its products are collecting compared with competitors.
Stash tea Reviewbox share of voice

To make the best use of data, Stash Tea shares specific reviews with various departments, from upper management to marketing. “We’ve gained valuable insights from both negative and the positive customer feedback,” says Harling. “And across the board, Reviewbox has been nimble and easy to work with. I’m a believer.”