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How Customer Q&A Affects the Amazon Customer Journey

Customer Q&A plays a role in every stage of the customer purchase journey, from discovery to product evaluation and the decision to purchase. See how you can use Amazon Q&A to your advantage to boost sales.

Amazon customer journey

Customers pass through several stages in their journey from search to product comparison and finally to purchase.

What is Amazon Customer Q&A?


Customer questions and answers are a type of user-generated content (UGC) that is growing in popularity on Amazon and many other ecommerce retailers. The Q&A section is displayed on the Amazon product detail page (PDP) right above the reviews. When a shopper asks a question, Amazon sends the question to the manufacturer, the 3p seller (if applicable), and customers who have purchased that product. Any shopper can answer questions and can upvote or downvote each question. Often questions will be answered by other Amazon shoppers right away. 

An example of the Q&A section for a cat food product is shown here. Notice that some of the questions are directed to the manufacturer.

How does Q&A affect discoverability or SEO?

The number of answered questions and reviews appears to be a factor in Amazon's A9 search algorithm. In a previous post we found that the more reviews and answered questions a product has, the higher the search rank. You already know that having more reviews, especially positive ones, will help your product visibility, but don't overlook the importance of customer Q&A. In fact, 58% of products on the first page of search results have >10 answered questions.

Answering customer questions boosts SEO!

How are customer questions different from reviews?

Reviews are submitted post-purchase. Reviewers may have purchased your product and want to leave feedback for the manufacturer, the seller, or just to share with other shoppers. The number of reviews usually correlates with sales, meaning if you sell more, you expect to get more reviews.

Customer questions, on the other hand, are usually submitted by shoppers before they purchase the product. They may be comparing several options, or they may be asking about a specific product feature, compatibility, color, size, ingredient, etc. The number of customer questions is a good indicator of interest in the product. Product categories that have a higher price point, or with which the customer may be unfamiliar, usually get more questions. Because customer Q&A occurs pre-purchase, it is one of the only opportunities for the brand to communicate directly with customers in hope of influencing the purchase decision. 

Answering customer questions influences the purchase decision.

Why should I answer all of my Amazon customer questions?

Now that you can no longer respond to reviews on Amazon, customer questions are a good place to invest some effort. There are three main reasons you should really be paying attention to Q&As.

  1. Many questions are actually reviews in disguise.

    • Customers asking questions, and those that answer them, use the Q&A space to share their opinions freely. Often these critiques get upvoted and are displayed prominently. As a manufacturer, you should reply to these critical questions to show that you care about the customer. You may also downvote critical questions to try and hide them from the front page.

  2. Avoid inaccurate or misleading information on your PDP!

    • Any Amazon shopper can answer questions. This means that customers may receive incorrect or unhelpful answers and those answers may influence future sales. If you answer the question as the manufacturer, your answer will be sent to the question author and will also help clear up any confusion around your product.

  3. Provide an authoritative answer and make that sale!

    • If you answer questions through an authenticated manufacturer account, the word "Manufacturer" will be displayed next to your answer. This badge provides an authoritative designation that will elevate your answer compared to the other answers. 

    • Be the first to answer your questions. Sellers will try to answer first! Successful brands aim to answer all customer questions within 48 hours.

    • Remember that your answers are sent directly to the customer who asked the question, and questions do influence purchasing decisions.


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