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How to Use the Official Amazon Manufacturer Badge

When to Leave a Response?

Product reviews and user questions are an important element of the shopping experience on Amazon and most other retail sites. Customers use reviews to figure out which items they should purchase and which to avoid. Increasingly customers are also employing reviews to discover and research new products. This behavior is encouraged by sites like Amazon by ranking products with a large number of positive reviews higher in search rankings.

Because reviews play such an important role in the shopping experience, we think it's important for manufacturers to closely monitor all reviews and questions related to their products. Ideally manufacturers should track and respond to negative reviews if and when the review addresses a problem that can be quickly resolved. For example, if a customer has inadvertently purchased the wrong product (i.e., an automotive part that may not fit their car). With respect to questions, manufacturers should address questions where the manufacturer is uniquely knowledgeable (i.e., details around sizing, installation).

What is the Amazon Manufacturer Badge?

On Amazon, manufacturers have the option of displaying a small badge next to their login handle when posting a response or answering a question.

These badges identify the manufacturer and can instill confidence that the customer is reading an official response. This is especially important if you're leaving contact information, such as a phone number, as customers want to know they are speaking with the official customer service team.

How do I activate it?

In order to activate the Manufacturer Badge you'll need to be on Vendor Central. Sellers and manufacturers not on Vendor Central can still leave responses to reviews, but don't have access to these badges.

First, you'll need access to a non-admin Vendor Central account. If you only have a single VC account chances are that you'll need to create a new account. When creating the account, we recommend using a descriptive name such as Customer Service.

Afterwards, you'll need to assign the Customer Interaction permission to the customer service VC account. Once you do this you should be able to login into your VC account, head over to Settings, and see something similar to the following screenshot.

Next Steps

After activating the manufacturer badge, the next step is to actually monitor your products for reviews and questions. While Amazon does provide some support for review exports and question notifications, these exports are not ideally suited to identifying specific reviews that need to be addressed.

To really simplify the process of monitoring all your reviews and questions, we've developed Reviewbox. In addition to email alerts with quick links back to the review, you'll also get access to detailed historical exports and a convenient web dashboard for your entire team.

To learn more visit the Reviewbox homepage and sign up for a free trial.