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The Daily Review


Improve Your Product Content to Drive More Sales

Reviewbox’s Copybox service helps you monitor and manage the copy that is displayed on all your product listings. Copybox can help you optimize your content relative to competitors and prevent unauthorized sellers from changing your content. Keep reading to learn more from Reviewbox Product Manager Grace Thomasson.


Why Product Content Is Important

Product content is a critical step in the buyer’s decision to purchase. A product’s content must explain the product, contain answers to common questions, and present the product in an appealing and confident way. A product's content is almost as crucial as its reviews because it tells you what you're about to buy, and unlike reviews, Amazon 3P sellers can change it on a whim.

Copybox makes it simple to stay on top of content across retailers.

Tips to Get Started

Step 1: Audit your product content with Copybox
Use Copybox to review the content that is live on each of your product detail pages on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other retailers. You can review your content for branding, style, and consistency across retail sites.

  • Download a Content Details Export to see your current content.
  • Start your content audit by setting up simple content guidelines that check the length and presence of each type of content on your product detail pages. Learn how to upload content guidelines here.

Copybox Content Guidelines

Step 2: Enforce your standard content.

Now that you’ve reviewed your current content, consider entering reference content into Copybox for each product listing. Reference content provides a standard that Copybox uses to detect any changes, discrepancies, or violations of your product content.

  • Build your reference content by exporting from your PIM, or start with a Copybox Content Details Export and make changes from there.
  • Focus on a few products at a time or a few content types at a time (like brand, product title, description, etc.), so it isn’t overwhelming.
  • Enter reference content for as few, or as many, of your products as you want. Learn how to upload reference content here

Copybox G2 2

Maintenance Tips

  • Be sure to set up notifications to be alerted of content changes.
  • Check your content periodically to see if the current content matches your reference content.
    The frequency depends on your catalog size—if you have a lot of products, then they may require more frequent attention. 
  • When you see that the content on a product has changed, you have two options:

Copybox Notifications-3

Have questions? Find more information in our Help Center, or reach out to one our technical support specialists. We are happy to help!