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The Daily Review


Introducing Ad Station from Reviewbox

What is Ad Station?

Ad Station is a complete Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) solution from Reviewbox. We’re combining detailed AMS analytics, instant visualizations, and an automated bid management system to help our customers successfully scale their AMS campaigns.

Who’s it for?

Ad Station is for vendors, sellers, and agencies that are actively running AMS campaigns! If you have multiple vendor and seller central accounts, you’ll be able to link all your accounts and view everything using a single login.

With Ad Station you can finally stop manually compiling AMS reports. You’ll automatically get detailed Excel reports sent to your inbox every week. You’ll be able to view instant visualizations for all AMS reports and compare key metrics to prior periods. This includes viewing all metrics across campaigns, search terms, and ASINs.

For those that need to organize their campaigns, you’ll be able tag your campaigns and keywords with custom fields for quick filtering and sorting. This also enables you to create custom reports that are specific to a particular brand or marketing initiative.

Our tool also supports automated bid management. You can optimize your keyword bids by setting up a variety of bidding rules based on different metrics like prior sales and ACoS. By taking advantage of our custom tagging, you can specify which rules should be applied to which campaigns. New CPC bids will be automatically emailed to you for approval.

Additional features

Additional features include the ability to drill down through visualizations to the keyword, search term, and ASIN level. Ad Station also includes detailed event tracking, so you’ll know exactly when any changes occur to your campaigns, keywords, or bids. That means that even if you're using an agency to run your AMS campaigns, you'll still be able to use our platform to view everything they're doing. Event logs can be emailed to you automatically so that you'll never wonder what's happening to your account again.

We also have some ambitious plans for Ad Station including the ability to integrate Searchbox, Pricebox, and Reviewbox to help further optimize your campaigns and keywords. Expect to see keyword recommendations, ASIN eligibility alerts, and even more powerful bid optimization strategies!

How do I find out more?

If you’re still reading, you can get a demo or information about pricing by visiting:


We’ll be happy to demo the tool in more detail and talk about how our software can take your Amazon campaign management to the next level.