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Latest Updates: July 2021

Check out the latest updates to the Reviewbox App

Reviewbox: Reviews & Questions Response Drawer

Responding to a review or question has been simplified and organized within one, all-purpose Response Side Drawer. This update benefits users who have response integration, while also benefitting those who need to update response data related to a review or question like status, sentiment, etc.
For users who don’t have response integration, get in contact with the Reviewbox team to discuss how to benefit from this feature.
Click on the checkbox next to a review or question to see the details.


Reviewbox: Bulk Updating Reviews and Questions

Need to update the Status for multiple questions? Maybe you want to update the Sentiment of a set of reviews to positive? With the Reviews and Questions grids you can easily bulk update common data associated with reviews or questions, such as Status, Sentiment, Topic, and Custom input.

How to:

To update multiple reviews or questions for values, select multiple rows in the grid by pressing Shift + left click.
A button will appear above the grid prompting you to bulk edit the selected rows. Select the desired values in the form and click Update. The changes made will be reflected in the grid and the response management drawer.


Searchbox: Terms Ranking Modal

Users can view the search terms ranking for sponsored and organic search terms within the Searchbox grids.
Additional data has been added to the Searchbox Terms’ grid! Users can now view the top organic and sponsored rankings on search terms across their listings and competitor listings. Next time you sign into your account, navigate to the Searchbox Terms page and click on any of your search terms in the grid to view your data.


Press cmd/ctrl + click to open the Term Rankings data in a new tab.
For more information on how to create search terms, read our Help Center article about managing your search terms.

If you need any additional help with any of these new features, please contact one of our technical support specialists. We are happy to help!