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Managing Amazon Reviews in Vendor Central

Here at Reviewbox we collect a lot of data. We think it’s important for our customers to have as much information about their listings as possible. Having this information at your fingertips can help you optimize your product’s page content, identify product quality issues, manage product reviews, and much more.

In addition to being able to see this data in Reviewbox, we also support detailed data exports for all the information we collect around reviews & questions, pricing, content, and search rank. In this post, we will compare the information you can get from Amazon Vendor Central versus Reviewbox in regards to your product reviews and questions. Let’s get started!

Amazon supports the ability for 1P vendors to download product reviews and questions in Vendor Central. To access these reports you'll need to have the Customer Interactions permission. Nominally these reports are designed to help brands stay on top of their reviews but as we'll soon see, they aren't particularly well implemented.

Amazon Vendor Central Review Reports

Here is an example review report that you can get from Vendor Central.

As we can see in red there's some information on which ASIN and item has the review. There's also a count of how many reviews are present for that item. Lastly there's a link to view all the reviews for that ASIN. That’s pretty much it, and this is as granular as this information gets.

With Amazon, you don’t get a lot of information. Unfortunately Amazon does not retain any of these reports historically. So if you forget to download this information every day, there’s no way for you to get historical review information.

Similarly, here's an example of the product questions export. Again, we have some information about which item has a question, when the question was asked, and if and when it was answered. The link provided is a little bit better in the sense that it at least points you to the specific question.

Reviewbox Exports

Let’s contrast the Amazon reports with the versions that Reviewbox provides. When you upload your ASINs into Reviewbox, our software will automatically provide you with access to your product’s current and historical reviews and questions. So what do you get in these exports?

In addition to getting the product ASIN, the date of the review, and the star rating, you’ll be able to export the actual title, text, date, and star rating of the review. You’ll also get information on how many helpful votes a review has, if the purchase was verified, and if there are any images associated with the review. Not only that, you can tailor your export to include custom fields to help you identify which specific product and category the review is meant for.

Let’s see what you get in the questions export from Reviewbox. As with the review exports, you'll get information on which product has a question, when that question was asked, and a link to the question on Amazon.

You may also have noticed a field called “Status” in both the questions and reviews export.

We’ve included this field to help you keep track of which reviews/questions you have or haven't addressed. With multiple team members responsible for responding to reviews, Amazon review management can be pretty daunting so we’ve provided a simple way to mark the review as "Not Assigned", “Open”, “In Dispute”, “Resolved”, or “Closed”.

Finally unlike the original Amazon reports, all of your historical data is accessible. So if you accidentally forget to export the data this week, you'll still be able to get to it anytime in the future.

Key Takeaways

It's great that Amazon is providing their review and question reports to manufacturers. We think it's a great first step for brands to improve their customer service. For vendors with very few products, these built-in reports may be sufficient, but as we've seen there are a few drawbacks.

If you have many products on the market, require email alerts for your reviews, and need detailed review information, then you might be better off with a solution like Reviewbox. If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you manage your Amazon reviews, schedule a demo here.