The Daily Review

The Daily Review


Managing your Data with Auto Exports

Here at Reviewbox we believe that customers should have access to all their review, pricing, content and search data. We already have handy email alerts and customers could already manually run exports to get all this information but we're happy to announce a new feature that will make it even easier to get all your data right in your inbox. Auto exports work just like the exports you run from within Reviewbox except these exports run automatically. To set them up simply go to the Exports page, and select "Create Auto Export".


Next, create a name for your export, select what kind of export you want to run, and select how often you want these exports to run. Daily exports will be created every morning covering the previous day. Weekly exports will be created on Monday mornings for the previous week.

We support several export types including detailed reviews, questions, buy box, and price information. If you have any custom columns uploaded, you can also select which columns you'd like to apply. So, for example, if you manage multiple brands, you can create seperate auto exports for each brand. Depending on the type of export you're interested in, you'll also get some additional filters (like filtering negative reviews). Lastly, you can specify a different set of email addresses for each export. It's as simple as that!

After you set up your auto exports, you'll receive an email for each one. The email will contain a link where you can then download the relevant CSV file. If you'd like to learn more about auto exports or have questions on how to set them up, please comment or email us at