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Managing Brand Perception and Customer Experience: A Talk with Radio Systems Corporation


Radio Systems Corporation was one of Reviewbox’s early customers and the owner of some of the most iconic pet brands including Petsafe, Invisible Fence, and SportDOG. Radio Systems is just over 25 years old. They were founded in 1991 and began their operations in the back of a tractor trailer where they sold and developed animal containment solutions. Since then Radio Systems has been dedicated to developing creative solutions for all pet owners.

While Amazon is one of their largest retailer partners, Radio Systems also sells products through Petsmart, Petco, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. We talked to Daniel, manager of customer care, and Jessica, customer experience specialist, about their experience managing brand perception and customer satisfaction in the largest online marketplace, Amazon.

What problems did Reviewbox help solve at your organization?

Daniel: With the growing importance of ecommerce and specifically, Amazon, you need to have the best tools to manage your brand and the customer experience. Amazon’s tools aren’t always as focused on their suppliers or their manufacturers as other retail partners may be. Many of them are lacking. Despite that, it’s still important for us to reach our customers in particular areas, know what they’re saying to get that sentiment about us, and really gain some useful insights. We didn’t have a way to do that before and that’s really important to us.

Jessica: We also wanted to able to respond to our customer’s reviews and questions in a timely manner. So, we wanted something that would kind of show us in real time or as close to it as possible what people were saying. With Reviewbox, we can monitor how quickly we respond and what we’re saying. We can then distribute this information in a digestible way for our quality department and other parts of the business to use. This helps give everyone a good overview of what the reviews look like on certain products.

Have you seen an increase in productivity since your organization started using Reviewbox?

Jessica: We’ve definitely an increase in the number of people in our organization taking notice of Amazon reviews, their importance, and how they impact our business.

Daniel: It’s hard, or I feel like it’s hard to draw some direct positive correlations. As a company, over the past year or so, we have continued to improve and grow as far as Amazon sales go. Part of that, I feel, is brand perception. We are able to build that by reaching out to customers through reviews and questions.

What makes Reviewbox stand out?

Daniel: The first thing that stands out to me is support. So many companies or vendors that you deal with are lacking in the support they provide. You may have a suggestion, and it’s like, “Oh, that’s nice”, “Maybe we’ll put that on a future roadmap”, or “You’re 800th in queue,” whatever it may be, and I’ve never felt that way with Reviewbox. It’s always, “That’s great feedback; we’ll definitely see if we can find a solution.” And most times those solutions happen very quickly. You guys are great at being attentive to our needs, getting solutions in place, and making us feel like we’re important and not just numbers.

Jessica: I like the way that you’re able to make things custom to what we need. Again, you are open to ideas and willing to work with us to get us exactly what we need. When you’re looking at something like Amazon, you can get so frustrated with the fact that they don’t give you half of what you need. So, to have somebody else give you the option of getting pretty much exactly what you had in mind is wonderful.

Any interesting or unusual stories to share about your experience using Reviewbox?

Daniel: As far as interesting stories, Reviewbox has helped us out on a lot of things. One thing is identifying false reviews. As we aggregate the reviews, we can see people/bots spamming certain ASINs with fake data. Whether it’s a good review or a bad review, the review itself is gibberish. That sort of thing is not good for the marketplace, so we do bring that to Amazon’s attention.

We get a lot of positive reactions from our customers, whether it’s the customer leaving the review, asking a question, or whether it’s from another person with a similar situation. On our responses to questions and reviews, we often see people respond with, “Wow this fixed my problem; I’ve changed my review”, or “This company really cares”. We see a lot of other customers also say things like, “I had that exact problem, and they took care of it.” When people see that, I think it circumvents another negative review from getting posted.

That person was obviously going to the review section with a problem and found a solution that resolves their issue and leaves them feeling better about our brand. Brett, our VP of Customer Experience, had asked me if I had any examples of customers responding positively to our responses through Amazon.

Within a day, I sent him a 50-page document full of examples. So, it’s not an exception, we actually see this quite frequently in terms of a positive impact. That’s just the ones that are leaving comments based on our responses not to mention the countless reach that has on what’s considered the biggest online marketplace, Amazon.