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Monitoring Product Feedback: An Interview with Seastar Solutions

SeaStar Solutions manufacturers steering, controls, cables, engine and drive parts, hoses, switches, gauges, and fuel tanks for boats and other equipment that people need to keep their boats operating in top condition.

SeaStar Solutions has been a Reviewbox customer for about a year, now, so we sat down with Laurie, Marketing Services Manager, and Katie, Online Marketing Specialist, to hear about their experience.

What business problems made you interested in Reviewbox?

With many SKUs to monitor, there’s no way to know who’s leaving a review without looking at every listing, every day. That’s why we rely on Reviewbox to tell us who is reviewing our products. We can closely monitor both positive and negative reviews on a daily basis. The negative reviews are important because they help us improve our online listing and ensure the consumer is getting the product they expect.

“It would be impossible to go through all the reviews on a daily basis without having Reviewbox.”

Have you seen an increase in productivity since your organization started using Reviewbox?

Yes, I would say so. The daily notifications are automatically sent to multiple departments including marketing, product management, technical support and quality. We can now identify any issues quickly with particular products that might not have been known before, so it helps us provide better quality parts and improve our customer service.

What makes Reviewbox stand out?

It’s an easy way for us to see a snapshot of the daily reviews about our products. The reporting feature is also very beneficial. You can export whatever information you want into Excel and sort it according to your needs. It’s an easy-to-use, straightforward tool that gives us everything we need to know about our reviews. Reviewbox is continually adding new features to make the tool more robust. They solicit feedback from their customers in order to help solve problems.

“It’s an easy-to-use, straightforward tool that gives you everything you need to know about your reviews.”

Has Reviewbox helped you advance your organization’s strategic goals?

Yes, it has certainly contributed. Quality products and communication are key initiatives. Receiving feedback about our products on a daily basis ensures any issues are addressed immediately.