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Never Make These Product Page Mistakes

Product Page 101

How many times have you been on Amazon and seen something like the product pictured below? Vague title. Poor product photo. No additional product description. No product features.

You have to wonder, what do “installation parts” mean? Are the parts just the wires shown? How long are the wires? You can’t be sure about the features of the product, what's included, and what’s worse it’s hard to gauge the quality of the product. At any rate, it doesn’t look like a good purchase decision.

An A+ Product Page

In contrast, the product page pictured below is attractive, informative, and easy to digest. It has a succinct product title accompanied by quality photos that show you every aspect of the product’s size and how it can be manipulated. The five descriptive bullet points highlight the main features of the product as well call out additional features that may be important to a prospective buyer.

As a consumer you know that an informative, well-organized product page can make or break your purchase decision. Therefore as a seller, it’s essential to convey accurate information about your product in order to ensure customer satisfaction, reduce product returns, and reduce negative reviews about the product’s features and performance.

Sounds pretty straightforward. But what if you’re selling multiple products in multiple online marketplaces? How do you keep up with all your product content? It can be difficult to effectively manage many listings, especially over multiple selling platforms.

Copybox: a Content Management Solution

Enter Copybox. A unique solution that monitors how many images, features, categories, and variations are associated with your product. Copybox also allows you to view the content data associated with all of your listings in a central area where you can filter the data by brand, by date, and other custom fields.

With Copybox you can set minimum content guidelines regarding the number of images, characters in the title and product description, and how many bullet points are associated with your post. You can even be notified of changes to your content or when one of your products doesn’t meet the minimum content guidelines via email. This tool can ensure that the content of your product page is descriptive of your product, answers recurring consumer questions, and shows quality photos of your product.

In all, Copybox provides comprehensive content management for all of your listings, and it is just one of the product offerings through Reviewbox. Reviewbox is a software that aggregates e-commerce data across multiple retail sites for all your SKUs. We make the data from reviews, pricing, and content available to you in multiple formats via email, data exports, and our online dashboard. If you're interested or have any questions regarding how Reviewbox can help you manage your listings, let us know in the comments or email us at