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Optimizing Your Listing with A+ Content on Amazon

Amazon A+ (A Plus) content is a method for vendors on the Amazon platform to enhance their product detail pages. According to Amazon, it increases sales by three to ten percent on average and improves conversions, SEO relevance, and consumer confidence. In an oversaturated e-commerce market, this content is an easy way for vendors to boost sales and get ahead of the competition.


What is A+ content?

A+ is a form of listing content for first-party (1P) sellers on Amazon that is more elaborate and visually enticing than standard content. It can be helpful in boosting sales by better showcasing your brand and its offerings, allowing for more thorough product descriptions, rich media, comparison charts, and more to improve your page.

While all listings can benefit from this form of content, it is most impactful for products with unique attributes or a strong brand identity to differentiate them from competition. Enhanced content draws attention to the characteristics that give your product a competitive edge. You should leverage this for products you drive the most traffic to, such as those that are the subject of a marketing campaign. As potential customers examine your listing, a more detailed and quality page will increase the likelihood of a conversion. 


How do you create A+ content?

There are two methods to go about creating A+ content: self-service or with the help of Amazon. While the former is the cheaper option, it will require that you design your own layout and content. Creating it yourself can cost as much as $400 per ASIN; however, using Amazon is generally around 3x the cost. 

The self-service option will lead you to a page with various options for layouts and modules for your ASIN of choice. Amazon Builds For You will simply require you upload images and text; Amazon does the rest. After creation, Amazon will take up to a few days to approve your content.


Tips for better content

A+ content can be an easy way to boost sales, improve product page SEO, and increase revenue for your business. However, it’s important that you’re making the most of this enhanced content as you optimize product pages for the greatest value add.

Emphasize unique attributes

Consider several components of your product that shoppers would want to see. How can it make their lives easier? Why should they buy your product in particular? Make sure that these are prominently listed to inform potential customers’ shopping decisions. 

Utilize product reviews

Examining reviews can be a great way to learn about the features and attributes that led customers to buy your product in the first place; even more so when you compare your reviews to those of competitive products. How are they different? What keeps customers coming back? Using a tool like Reviewbox can be a great way to quickly assess the composition of your product reviews versus competitors’.

Keep it visual

The last thing consumers want to do when online shopping is spend ten minutes reading a product description. If a listing has more text than images, shoppers will likely overlook the content altogether. Use captivating images accompanied by essential text to highlight the product. Make it easy to skim. 


Monitoring Your Enhanced Content

After investing time and money to create your enhanced content, it's important to keep tabs on your listing to ensure that it remains untouched. Copybox makes product management easier by allowing you to set content guidelines and receive notification alerts of content changes. Not only will this help you to track unwanted or malicious changes and page hijacks, but it can also ensure brand messages are consistent and identify any critically missing components. Copybox makes content management and content analytics easier so you can focus on growing your brand.