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Protecting Your Product Listing from Unauthorized Sellers

What are Unauthorized Sellers?

The dreaded unauthorized seller. An unfortunate reality in the world of e-commerce. Unauthorized sellers use e-commerce platforms to sell a brand's products to unknowing customers. Most of the time these customers believe they are purchasing directly from the brand. This creates confusion for both the customer and brand as they try to identify the unauthorized seller. E-commerce creates an environment where these unauthorized sellers believe they can hide behind anonymity. However, by utilizing software such as Pricebox, brands are now able to take back control of their products and protect themselves and their customers from unauthorized sellers.

Pricebox as a Solution

The Pricebox product gives brands the ability to see all of their listings for their products across multiple platforms in aggregate. The dashboard allows them to see information such as price, stock, total listings, and vendor information. This holistic approach to product listings allows brands to gain insight into how their products are being displayed across multiple retail sources. In terms of listing comparison, Pricebox allows brands to see the low and high cost between different listings. In turn, this enables them to better identify price corrosion.

Furthermore, Pricebox enables brands to look at individual product listings. The tool features a "Price History" graph which shows the historical Buy Box price over time. By using this feature, brands can see how price fluctuates across different sellers. Pricebox also features categorical selectors for each retailer, enabling brands to classify sellers as authorized and unauthorized. Further, the software enables brands to set up custom alerts as new listings appear, buy box changes, MAP violations, and stock issues.

Pricebox gives brands the power to control their listings by centralizing their product information. By using the tool, brands are able to scale their e-commerce business and continue to win the buy box. Learn more here about uncovering MAP violations.

More Information

Our last webinar featured our own Hillary Rivera and Brand Guarde's Joe Kovacs. In it, the two e-commerce gurus discussed unauthorized sellers and how brands can take back control of their listings. Featuring a slew of information, the webinar helps brands discover how to leverage the world of e-commerce.