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The Daily Review


Review Monitoring During a Crisis

At Reviewbox we know that communication is key to the growth of any business, especially during a moment of crisis.  That’s why we work to provide you with the best data and review engagement tool for your eCommerce business.

As the eCommerce director or brand manager, you may be looking for ways to strategically address and reduce damage to your brand growth by the COVID-19 news.

Amid the health concerns and new guidelines emerging regarding public spaces and shopping--  keep in mind-- your eCommerce reviews will become more important than ever before for business exposure.

  • Social distancing naturally shifts focus to eCommerce sales.
  • Once people experience superb service online, they become loyal customers.

This health crisis may create a longstanding change in retail and opportunity.

We are committed to supporting your teams during the changing landscape of the eCommerce marketplace.  In order to maintain sales growth, review response will take center stage. Here is how our data supports your brand image and Customer Support Teams:


If you are already part of the Reviewbox family, we are here to partner with you and help create customer experience excellence through review management.

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