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Reviewbox, Pricebox and Copybox - A Manufacturer's Wish Come True To Manage Amazon Offers

This post was originally authored by Melanie Grapes and appeared here. Melanie specializes in process consulting and has been a customer with Reviewbox for a little over a year.

Melanie was gracious enough to let us re-post this on our blog.

Have you ever walked into work on a Monday morning, started looking at your product activity on Amazon or and had that gut-sinking feeling overcome you because your item detail page changed, the price has headed to the floor or a customer just trashed one of your best selling items for his 15 minutes of fame?

Ever wish there was a way that you could just open up your email, as if it were a crystal ball, and see what was happening without spending endless hours searching each item on multiple marketplace sites? Did your fairy godmother drop in last night and monitor your detail pages, make a list of who is squatting on your Amazon ASIN's, which 3P's are violating your MAP policies and manage the consumer reviews for your products?

If you are like most of us, there is no fairy godmother that had the time or desire to do all of those things. Creating princesses and golden carriages is much more fun. Those tasks aren't exactly on the top of your daily to-do list either, right? So where is the "wish going to come true" part? Look no further than Reviewbox.

James Horey, owner and creative thought leader behind Reviewbox, and his team have built a very simple, easy to use tool that gives insight into challenges that face a manufacturer selling on Amazon and other marketplace sites.

Jim listens to his customers and is truly passionate about providing a service that is meaningful in the ongoing battle of protecting your brand in the ever-changing landscape of the online marketplace. So what are these tools?

Reviewbox - The namesake of the company and the first service offered, Reviewbox offers the benefits of connection with your consumers and insights into continuous product improvement. To a manufacturer, these are invaluable. How does it work?

  • List your ASIN's, set up custom fields and filters and get daily emails of each review posted about your products
  • Follow links provided with each review and reply to your customers directly (you will need Amazon's permission for access to that feature or open a case in Vendor Central)
  • Charts make it easy to see what percentage of the reviews you get are positive as compared to the dreaded 1-star reviews. No need to panic; people just want to be heard. Now you can engage them in a way that is positive to your brand and company image

Pricebox - Having MAP issues? Want to see how your prices change over time on Amazon? How are your competitors doing over the same period? Great questions right? Pricebox gives you visibility into what is driving the market so you can make more informed decisions about your own pricing strategies with:

  • Daily email notifications on the ASIN's you want to track
  • Price movement graphed over time so you don't have to build endless spreadsheets and spend endless hours tracking critical data. Priceless!

Copybox - This tool is the latest gift in the arsenal. It was like getting the best present ever and it keeps giving every day!

  • Daily email notification of any ASIN you want to watch pointing you to any changes in copy, bullets, images, description... With so many 3P's playing in the "grey area" of Amazon's terms and conditions, if your brand message is altered and you aren't the one that made the change, you will see it here
  • Want to know if yours is the only ASIN active on Amazon? You'll see it here AND the list of other ASIN's that were created by 3P's so you can see who the unauthorized resellers of your products are. There is SO much that can be done with Copybox in the battle to prevent the downward spiral created by deep discounting 3P's and counterfeit products. The opportunities are endless... use your imagination!

If you are still reading after everything given above and want a little more convincing, email Jim and his team at They will be happy to give you a demo and talk openly about where their vision is taking them next. It's very exciting!

It isn't often wishes come true. With Reviewbox I don't have to wonder or be surprised by what happened to our products on Amazon overnight or over the weekend. My time is much better spent managing the business. Wasted hours searching each item are a thing of the past. I now enjoy coming to work Monday mornings...