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Searchbox - Tracking Branded Terms and Competitors (Part 2)

In our previous post, we talked about the importance of SEO, understanding the importance of tracking search rank, and how to get started with Searchbox. In this post, we’re going to continue the theme and talk about how tracking branded terms can give you insight into which competitors are ranking for your brand’s name. This will be super useful when used in conjunction with AMS.

Search and AMS

Previously we talked about using generic keywords in Searchbox to track your products’ search performance. For example, a customer might search for “power drill battery” if she’s looking for a new battery for one of her power tools. But what if the customer already knows the brand of the item she’d like to purchase? In that case she may just enter the brand name into the search bar. For example, let’s take a look at the search results for “dewalt 20 v battery”.

At the very top of the search results outlined in blue, DeWalt appears in the headline along with three products. Below that we can see the sponsored products outlined in yellow. What’s interesting in this case is that the products shown are actually not from the DeWalt brand. This directly implies that DeWalt’s competitors are bidding (and winning) on some of DeWalt’s branded terms. For a brand like DeWalt this means there may be some lost opportunity to showcase additional products.

Next let’s take a look at the headline ad near the top of the page. Fortunately in this case, DeWalt appears to be winning the headline ad giving them the opportunity to showcase their brand and introduce customers to additional products. This area is also great to communicate with the customer - note the call to action to “Save Now” and “Made in the USA”. Given all these benefits, we highly recommend brands to strongly think about employing headline ads. Headline ads were previously only available via AMS but is now broadly available to brands using Seller Central as well.

Tracking Sponsored Products with Searchbox

Now that you’re convinced of the importance of sponsored and headline ads for your brand, let’s talk about we can actually measure if those ads are working.

To help track which products are appearing for your branded terms, we can use Searchbox, our search rank position tool. Besides organic search results, Searchbox will also track the headline and sponsored products. To get started all you have to do is add the branded term.

Afterwards Searchbox will automatically begin tracking all the products that appear for that term and neatly separate the organic, sponsored, and headline results.


Searchbox is a powerful tool to help you track search rank position on Amazon for all your keywords and listings. There are potentially several great uses for Searchbox, and we’ve already covered two of those: keeping track of organic search results and identifying sponsored/headline products.

Like many aspects of doing business on Amazon, there’s a deep relationship between your product’s reviews, content, sales, search rank, and AMS. Hopefully by using the data from Searchbox (along with our other tools) you’ll be able to identify key areas where you may need to strengthen your brand either via increased AMS spending or product page optimizations. If you’re interested in learning more please email us at