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The Daily Review


Searchbox Updates Now Include Share of Voice

Share of Voice Arriving in Your Inbox

Searchbox customers can now have notifications set to arrive in their inbox on a weekly or monthly basis. Here's a break down of what customers will see:

  1. Share of Voice - Receive an instant snapshot of what percentage of your listings are ranking in the top 10, for both organic and sponsored products.
  2. Discover the Top 3 competitive keywords for organic and sponsored rankings to determine where you need to focus efforts to boost ranking on those keywords.
  3. See how your best ranking and worst ranking keywords are performing compared to competitors.
  4. Finally, view the most significant rank changes for your listings.  Click on the product listing to be redirected to the Amazon product page.
Searchbox email notification

Interested in learning more about Share of Voice and Digital Shelf Analysis? Download our whitepaper and see more details on Searchbox here.