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The Daily Review


Something Went Wrong at Amazon

A few weeks ago, Amazon began having major issues with their question/review response system. As a vendor on Amazon, what does this mean for you? Well, you may have noticed the following error when responding to reviews and questions on Amazon:

Or you might have noticed the manufacturer badge not appearing consistently next to your response even though you've set up all the proper permissions in your Vendor Central account. Additionally, just last week it appeared that all the question and review responses from manufacturers had randomly disappeared.

At any rate, you’re not alone; the problem is widespread. Even though a true fix for the issue is still pending, one work-around we recommend is to purchase a $50 Amazon gift card on the Vendor Central account you use to leave official responses. This should eliminate the pesky error messages, although you may still not see the manufacturer badge next to your response. If you are a customer with Reviewbox and would like us to do this for you just send an email and we'll take care of it!