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Latest Updates: April 2021

Check out the latest updates to the Reviewbox App:

In-App Support

When logged into Reviewbox you have access to help anywhere within the app. Located at the top of the page, there is a Help button in the navigation bar.


Clicking the Help button will open a side-panel with the following:

Search Our Help Center

You can search our Help Center content directly from the app and quickly discover the content you need to be successful.

Find articles using common search topics, like Catalog, Export, Pricebox, or Copybox and a list of relevant content will be returned. Click the Read full article link to be directed to the article in our Help Center.


Help Center

Don’t see what you need when searching from the app? We provide a direct link to the Help Center where you can browse from our entire resource of articles and webinars to get the help you need.

Contact Us

Do you need additional help? No problem! In the help side-panel, we directly link to our Contact Us form, where you can submit a support ticket. One of our support representatives will be happy to assist you with all of your Reviewbox needs.

Latest News

Curious about what’s going on with the Reviewbox app? With our blog, you can stay up-to-date with the latest tips and information related to our product and ecommerce analytics.


Want in-depth video content on how to use the Reviewbox app? Check out our library of Webinars and quickly become a Reviewbox power user.

Leave Feedback

Have an idea for improving our product? Let us know! We have included a link to our Feedback form so we can continue to improve our user’s experience. We value our customer feedback; it’s what makes us great.

Sidebar Navigation

Our navigation sidebar has received an update. We’ve slimmed it down so you can focus on the information that matters most: analyzing your data and responding to questions and reviews.


Aside from a trimming, you’ll find the following updates to our navigation:

Remove Collapsed Menus

You were having to click twice to get to one page. We flattened the hierarchy of our navigation so that every page in the app is only a click away.

Update Navigation Organization

Any quick actions, like viewing Downloads and accessing Help Content, have been moved to the top-right of the page, next to the account information.

Relocating Create Report

We’ve moved the create Report action from our navigation to the Reports page itself. You can find it at the top-right of the page.

App Toolbar

In the Reviewbox app, at the top of the page, you have quick access to a handful of actions in the toolbar. You can pull up our In-App Support panel or common account actions.


When clicking the account actions, a drop-down will list the following:

Edit Profile

Clicking Edit Profile will bring you to your account profile, where you can update profile settings or other account information, like your password.

Edit Billing

Clicking Billing will direct you to your payment settings. You can update your billing information there.

Edit Notifications

Clicking Notifications will take you to your Email notification settings. There you can update how you would like to receive recurring Email notifications.

Help Center

If you would like to learn more about Reviewbox or get help regarding a specific feature, you can click the link to our Help Center. The Help Center has an extensive catalog of articles and webinars for you to browse.

Log Out

When you are done with your session, you can log out of your account through the drop-down menu.

If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact our support team at