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The Manufacturer Badge on Amazon

The Manufacturer Badge

On Amazon, vendors have the option of displaying a badge next to their handle when posting a response to a question or review. That badge is the "Manufacturer Badge", and it's more important than you think.

What is it?

To know how important the manufacturer badge is, we have to look at it through the eyes of the customer.

Visualize that you're scrolling through Amazon looking for a new pair of headphones. After searching and searching, you've finally come across the perfect pair. Just as any responsible Amazon shopper would do, you go straight to the reviews.

You see that the product has a large number of five-star reviews and very few one-star reviews. Scrolling through those one-star reviews, you see that they all have responses, but you can't tell who left them.

The responses were in fact left by the vendor, but because there wasn't a "manufacturer" badge next to the display name, you had no idea.

The "Manufacturer Badge" is a small badge that appears next to the vendor's name on Amazon.

The reason that this badge is important is that it creates transparency between the customer and the vendor.

By identifying the manufacturer, the customer knows they're speaking with the official customer service team.

How to Set-Up the Badge

Now that you know the importance of the Manufacturer Badge, it's time to learn how to set it up.

Step 1.

In order to activate the Manufacturer badge, you are going to have to log in to your Vendor Central account.

Step 2.

Identify the users who will be answering questions. If the user is not on Vendor Central, invite them to your vendor group.

Step 3.

Once a user accepts the invite:

  • Create a non-admin account for the user
  • Provide the "Contributor - Customer Interaction" permission to the user from Vendor Central

Step 4.

Once the right has been granted, ask the user to log in to using the same credentials (email/password) as Vendor Central and create a public name.

  • Go to the profile page
  • Click "create my profile"
  • Make sure that the name in the box is representative of your company
    • Ex: Bob Smith, Product Manager for Video Game X

How to Leave an Official Manufacturer Response

Step 1.

Identify the review or question that you want to respond to, either through the Reviewbox platform or email notifications.

Step 2.

For the review, click on “comment” and type in the response. Make sure you follow Amazon’s posting guidelines.

Step 3.

Click the checkbox called “Make this my official comment”. Your response won’t have the manufacturer badge without this step! Note, not all products are eligible for official manufacturer responses. See the Caveats section, below.

Step 4.

For questions, there is no “official comment” checkbox. 

What to Expect After you Leave a Response

It takes Amazon a minimum of 15 minutes to publish responses to reviews and questions. Also, note that if your response violates Amazon’s terms of service or the posting guidelines, there is a possibility that they will remove the response. So, please be careful!


One problem that some vendors are facing is that not all products are eligible for "official" manufacturer responses. Amazon has a method in place where they look at all items in a Vendor Central account. They then determine whether or not the vendor will receive the manufacturer's badge.

This method is product-specific, and Amazon does not provide any information as to why some are enrolled and some are not.

You can still respond to reviews or questions in an unofficial capacity. In order to do this, though, the Amazon account you are logged into must have purchased at least $50 of merchandise on Note, a gift card purchase may be the most expedient method to fulfill this requirement.

An alternative solution would be to learn more about our Amazon response integration options by contacting

Final Thoughts

The manufacturer badge is extremely helpful for brands and vendors because it allows the vendor to identify themselves to customers.

This transparency between the customer and the vendor enhances the brand's image and allows you to directly engage with customers around their immediate questions or needs. 

There are three immediate benefits to the manufacturer badge: 

  1.  When a manufacturer responds to a review, the review will be displayed with a special orange label specifying that the manufacturer has commented.
  1. Customers often update or revise their reviews after a manufacturer responds. This is especially true if they left a negative review. By reaching out to the customer, you may be able to resolve the problem they were facing.
  2. Customers appreciate getting accurate information directly from the manufacturer in response to product questions. Don’t leave questions to be answered by any random person out there! You, the manufacturer, are the most reliable source for answers to customer questions posted on Amazon.

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