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The Case of the Disappearing Responses

The Case of the Disappearing Responses

Responding to your product reviews on Amazon shows that your brand cares about customer feedback.

But recently, Amazon appears to have removed some manufacturer responses to reviews and questions.

Late last week, a few of our customers noticed that their review responses weren't being posted to Amazon or were disappearing after a short time. This prompted the Reviewbox team to do a little research.

We ran a few different tests and noticed that not everybody (or all responses) were being affected. Instead, it was only those customers who had included an email address in the response body.

Moreover, Amazon has retroactively removed those responses going back to about Feb. 17th, 2020.

What does this mean for brands?

If you left a response to a review or question in the past week that included an email address, there's a good chance the response no longer appears on Amazon.

You will need to go back for all the reviews in the past week and check if your response is still active. If not, you will need to submit a new response.

Response Guidelines and Tips We Recommend for Amazon Reviews

Although Amazon does not explicitly forbid including an email address or link to a community site on their official response guidelines, we recommend omitting this information. Instead, we recommend the following structure in your official review response:

1. Include helpful information directly in the response

2. Include your team name, along with any additional supplementary identification (personal name, role)

3. Encourage the reviewer to get in contact with you via the information located in your Amazon profile

Along with this, now is a good time to make sure that your profile information is up-to-date with the proper description and contact information (website, email, and phone number).

If you're using Reviewbox to perform response management, we also recommend tagging any reviews (and questions) you've responded to. This will ensure that you're better able to track the necessary information.

We're also rolling out an integrated response submission system that will help with this going forward. If you need help, don't hesitate to shoot us an email.


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