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The Daily Review


Updating our Grid View

If you've recently logged into Reviewbox, you may have noticed that we've made a few changes. Stylistically we've made updates to the menu (it's thinner and collapsable), but the big change you'll notice is the new data grid. In addition to looking different, it behaves quite a bit differently as well. Before we dive into the details, let's quickly go over the highlights. 

  • The old grid got the job done but it wasn't particularly customizable. You couldn't rename the columns or permanently move the columns around.
  • The old grid had pretty simple sorting capabilities but didn't support multi-column sort.
  • Previously filtering was straightforward but we wanted to support multi-select within a column and across columns

In short, we wanted the new grid to do more in less space.

Check out the new sidebar menu.

Before we talk about the grid here's a quick video showing you how to collapse the new menu. By collapsing the menu, you'll be able to see more information on any given page.


So first lets’s check out the new sorting feature by looking at the grid on the Reviewbox page.

To introduce the new grid, let's take a look at the main Reviews page. This is where you would go to view all of your product reviews and questions across your catalog. In order to sort the column just click on the name of the column near the top. You can tell a column is being sorted by the green arrow that is displayed. The down arrow sorts in ascending order, or from a-z on text columns and low to high on numeric columns.  We can click the column name again to sort in the opposite directionFinally, we can turn off sorting by clicking the column name one more time.



After sorting the first column, you can subsort a second (or third) column. After sorting on the first column select a second column to sort those values relative to the first.  Both columns are now sorted in alphabetical order. 


Another big change is how to filter row values. Previously we had a bunch of drop downs near the top. Now in order to filter, just select the column that you're interested in and click on the filter icon in the column header. Notice that now this column's funnel has turned green so we can tell it's being filtered. 

Please note that there are different types of filters. You can search by text, numerical value, or a multi-select. Multi-select allows you to filter your reviews by multiple brands, product categories, or any other custom field. It's very similar to how Excel filters columns so hopefully the functionality should be familiar to most power users. 

You can also filter more than one column at a time. Afterwards, if you want to clear the filters, look for the Filter Actions drop down near the top. Either click on the little funnel icon (it should be green if there are any filters active), or select the menu and click on Clear Filters. 


Move your columns to create a view that best suits your needs

To reorder your columns, simply drag the header to a new position. As you can see, columns have been divided into groups. The catalog group is always on the left and always visible, and the other columns are accessible by scrolling. Columns can not be moved outside their group, but you can move entire groups around. We do plan on supporting the ability to hide/unhide columns so stay tuned!


Rename columns

To rename a column, click the eraser button and type in a new name for the column.

We hope you are just as excited about the new grid as we are! This is our first step in revamping Reviewbox's user interface. Our goal is to keep the interface simple to use but to also give a solid platform to start building really exciting features. We realize we still have a long ways to go but in the meantime please send us feedback!