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What's New in Pricebox?

Our recent Pricebox training webinar shows you all the latest improvements in our price-tracking module, Pricebox. We've made it easier to track Buybox owner, 3P sellers on Amazon and Walmart, pricing history, and product availability on hundreds of retail sites.  Here’s the lowdown: 

We've added built-in help and reference material within the Reviewbox application. See: Latest Updates: April 2021 

We've reorganized some data in Pricebox to expose more historical information in a sensible way.
New Pricebox columns and column groups aggregate buybox and seller information over your selected date range.

The Buybox section shows you who sells your items and the listed prices for those items. We scrape this information 3 times a day so you always have up-to-date data. We’ve included three new columns that show you who’s owned the buybox for the most time, who owns it the most now and the most common item availability during the selected date range. Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 11.11.40 AM

We also track all 3P offers (on Amazon & Walmart), which is useful to understand pricing pressure on the 1P side. This function is also helpful in identifying problematic sellers. You can contact sellers directly by clicking the contact link. 

pricebox sellers detail

We’ve also improved the function that allows you to track MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) violations. You’ll be able to see the violations over time by seller and receive alerts when a new violation pops up. 

For more information, be sure to check out the full Pricebox training webinar or read more in Getting started with Pricebox