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Why do smart global brands centralize their Amazon questions & reviews?

Do you sell on multiple international Amazon marketplaces? In this post, we take a deep dive into trends in customer-generated content (or UGC) across international Amazon marketplaces. We'll learn how global brands can:

  • Uncover trends in reviews and questions on different international sites
  • Compare star ratings, review sentiment, and topic
  • Understand the voice of their customers across marketplaces

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Let's look at the data

We looked at one representative brand in each of four different product categories on and five international Amazon marketplaces.

  • Art supplies
  • Grocery
  • Electronics
  • Beauty

We chose several popular products from each brand. We tracked all reviews and questions from Jan 1 to Mar 31, 2021.

How many customer questions are asked on international Amazon marketplaces?

Number of customer questions

The number of customer questions that products receive varies widely between categories. Generally, products with a higher price point, or items that the customer is not familiar with, get more questions. We see that Electronics products received many more questions than Grocery products, for example. 

Over this 90-day period, our four brands received ~250 customer questions. Most products had a steady flow of questions coming in each week on each marketplace. 

About half of all questions were asked on and half on all the non-US Amazon marketplaces.

How do questions compare to the number of reviews?


The number of reviews also varied by product category. Reviews are correlated with sales, so generally we see that best-selling products get more reviews. Our sampled products received 2100 reviews from January to March 2021 and 45% of those reviews were on non-US Amazon marketplaces. had the most reviews overall.

The total number of reviews on Amazon Canada + Amazon UK was about equal to the number of reviews on

Customer questions can be thought of as a gauge of customer interest in the product, since they are asked by customers pre-purchase. In our sample, there were many fewer questions than reviews. Overall, the number of questions was roughly comparable to the number of one-star reviews.

Answering customer questions is one quick way to engage with shoppers before they make that purchase decision. Reviewbox brings together all your questions in one place and allows teams to respond with an efficient, centralized workflow.

How do star ratings compare across international marketplaces?

average star rating of each category

You might be wondering whether the star rating of your products is the same across marketplaces.

Our sample data showed that a strong star rating on does not mean that your star rating is high on the other sites.

For example, we found one beauty product that had a star rating of 3.5 on and a 4.1 on In this case, we would recommend reading those French reviews to see if there is a specific problem with the product or its distribution.

Do the French leave more negative reviews?

Looking at the sentiment of the reviews, we found that about 20-25% of reviews on each marketplace have a negative tone. However, a whopping 52% of reviews on were negative. In order to successfully market your products across sites, it is important to be aware of cultural and language differences between marketplaces.

Understand the Voice of your Customers on each marketplace


Smart brand managers know that reviews contain a wealth of information about the product. What is going well? What can be improved? The chart above shows the breakdown of reviews by topic within the Beauty category across all marketplaces. Most of the positive reviews talked about the effectiveness of the product. Apparently this beauty cream really does work!

Positive customer testimonials are marketing gold. Pass these reviews along to your marketing department.

In the Beauty category, most of the negative reviews had to do with shipping & packaging. Many customers received open jars of product or complained that the packaging was damaged. I would share these reviews with the packaging designers. A small change to the packaging could alleviate a major customer pain point and help to increase the overall star rating.

Reviewbox allows you to easily translate, categorize, analyze, export, and share your reviews and customer questions from across all your Amazon marketplaces. In addition, we support 100+ other major online retailers. 

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