The Daily Review

The Daily Review


Why does my brand need a review management tool?

Reviews. Can you recall the last time you purchased anything without first checking the reviews?

Reviews have changed the customer decision journey. Shoppers look for feedback on a product before committing to their purchase decision. Buyers are better informed and have an expectation when they receive a product or service. Often, consumers view reviews as more trustworthy than product descriptions provided by the brand. Typically, a customer is willing to share both the positives and negatives of a product that provides insight. These unbiased reviews also provide companies insight. This invaluable information, directly from the mouth (i.e. keyboard) of your consumer is the reason your brand needs a review management tool.

Reviews allow you to harness the voice of your consumer.

As a business focused on growth, you can make customer reviews work for you. Depending on the price point of your product you have the opportunity to increase your conversion rate by up to 380% according to this research, by getting reviews and displaying them on your website. Without reviews present, you run the risk of losing your customer to a competitor that does. This applies to every category and every price point. Considering reviews are part of consumer habits.


Below are other benefits of monitoring and engaging your consumers through reviews.

  1. opportunity for your customers to tell your story
  2. easy, immediate research.
  3. protect brand and assets.

Your marketing team will thank you. Reviews provide data that they are able to use to aggregate to manage online reputation and identify trends.


For multiple levels of your organization, such as the eCommerce and Operations teams, reviews should be part of their customer insight strategy.  Both teams can use reviews to come up with their business plans to grow your business. Your customer service department should respond to both negative and positive reviews with more than a quick "thanks for your review". If you have questions on managing negative reviews, we discussed the topic here. Negative reviews create validation for your brand or product, not everything will be five stars.


As a brand looking to protect your reputation and grow your reach reviews provide immediate insight into the customer experience. By keeping track of reviews business's can observe patterns in quality and begin to recognize terms that are frequently used to describe their product. This can help companies in their long term marketing strategy. Collecting reviews and analyzing the information is a valuable step of the marketing strategy, however, the most important is having the ability to respond to reviews. By responding to your customers' expereinces you are fostering trust and validation. Customers appreciate being acknowledged and listened to through their feedback.


Reviews are important for any high impact decisions. For example, before a customer commits to a new purchase for a high-dollar item they want to know what others' opinions are. Additionally, customers care about reviews when they are searching for products that match their dietary restrictions or before trying new flavors. That's to say, the CPG category needs reviews as much as the technology category. As mentioned before, scanning reviews is part of the buyer's journey. Scanning reviews left by others gives your customer- to- be a peace of mind, as over 97% of customers admit that reviews factor into their buying decision. A customer will check reviews both before purchasing baby food for their child or buying a television for their home. Both of these categories have a high impact on the quality of life for your customers.  Customers don't want to spend their hard-earned dollars and be disappointed.



Customers are better informed and more empowered to use their voice than ever. Taking those reviews and leveraging them to boost your online presence will transform your business' outlook. Not having a review management tool to help you manage customer sentient is risky for the health of your business. If your company isn't tracking reviews you are missing out on understanding your customers intimately, creating customer loyalty and using their voice to promote your business.


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