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Why Was Reviewbox Founded?

From Father to CEO

James Horey sat in his living room with his two young children. It was early 2016; he had left his job at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in search of something different. James saw a problem. While the world changed with Amazon, uncertainty and discrepancies filled the seller ecosystem. Under Amazon's dashboard, brands are only able to see a fraction of the review data that exists. James’s background in data science gave him a solid understanding of the importance of data and data driven decision making. However, Amazon and other e-commerce platforms did not bestow these gifts to their brands.

In early 2016, James founded Reviewbox to solve this problem. The goal was to provide brands with a platform that enabled them to easily collect and review data from their marketplace. Today, Reviewbox offers a suite of products enabling sellers to monitor, review, and export e-commerce data across a multitude of channels. This ability enables them to make better decisions using customer, copy, price, and ad data. Furthermore, it allows sellers to take control of their products in the marketplace and ensure their products are reaching their true potential.

Starting Up

The company's first product, Reviewbox, was released in early 2016. Brands complained that Amazon did not have an intuitive ecosystem where they could see and understand customer reviews and questions. Therefore, when Reviewbox came to the market, these brands gained the ability to view customer reviews in aggregate.

Brands quickly found the power of customer data crucial. Reviewbox enabled them to set custom notifications on reviews, log review titles and scores, identify Amazon badges, track votes, and export custom data for further analysis. The Reviewbox dashboard offers powerful insights for brands to manage customer feedback. Further, data exportation allows brands to gain further insight from these reviews with sophisticated analysis.


After Reviewbox's initial release in 2016, the company has continued to grow with its customers. Understanding that brands need more tools, Reviewbox released products over the years to help brands gain more insights on their e-commerce business. Today, in addition to the Reviewbox product, we offer Pricebox, Copybox, Searchbox, and Ad Station. Each of these products focuses on a specific part of the e-commerce environment with the sum being the ecosystem for the client.

Reviewbox started as a solution to a problem James saw in the world. A problem that our customers strive to solve by using our products. Reviewbox is guided by a simple question we ask ourselves everyday– “Whatever I am doing, how is it helping the customer?” Today and everyday we help customers scale their e-commerce business.