Our Customers

Our monitoring platform is trusted by national brands seeking to improve customer service and gain customer insights.

Here are some of our brands that we help everyday.

Melanie Grapes from Chapin

Reviewbox makes Amazon review management simple to use. Their tool is nothing less than amazing! Daily emails list the reviews and links so you can follow up immediately, gather quality feedback, and provide a level of customer service that until now wasn’t possible. It is definitely changing the way we do business with our customers and with Amazon.

Mark Paulsen from Calculated Industries

Reviewbox is an amazing timesaver for us and is the only reason we are able to monitor and manage our reviews in such a responsive and timely fashion. Email alerts give us a daily look at what’s come in – who is pleased and about what, as well as those that are unhappy or need some added information or help. We now can provide faster, better customer service on Amazon because of Reviewbox.

Lucy Valdez from Convenience Concepts

Reviewbox helps me see what we are doing right and detect any issues we may be having with our product or packaging. I appreciate that we are able to respond quickly to customer concerns in an effort to better serve their needs. I would absolutely recommend this product, it’s a great way for us to manage the customers experience with our product. Every online vendor should have this tool available.

Carrie Raney from TrippNT

I would highly recommend Reviewbox to keep track of all your Amazon reviews and questions. We respond to each and every question and review for over 1200 products. Before Reviewbox it took me several hours a week to comb through them just to find new comments. Now I can respond to customers in less than 24 hours. And they are continuously adding new features. It is totally worth it!

Jennifer Reid

Reviewbox has saved me an unmeasurable amount of time and energy. I was able to personally reach out to people who purchased our products and address any issues. This allowed my company to offer the superb customer service that they’re known for throughout the marine industry. I would highly recommend this service not only because it’s an amazing addition to managing Amazon reviews, but also because the founder Jim is amazing to work with.

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