Yes, we pull all the review information for that ASIN as long as it’s been on Amazon. We will retain all of the data for the other services once the product is loaded.

This can occur for several reasons. Sometimes Amazon can delete reviews and not update the number of reviews that shows for that ASIN.

Yes, you can find these in the downloadable export summery from Reviewbox

Yes, we outline how to do it in this post:

Simply click on name of product in Reviewbox.



On the Amazon product pages, if the product page indicates that there are other sellers for that item, we go into that link and collect the data on the seller and the product.

3p stock means the item is Available from these third party sellers and therefore there is no Buy Box owner.

Define a custom field to group products. Find the tutorial here.

The merchant is the current Buy Box owner at the time we collected the data whereas the seller is the 3p seller.

High and low are the high and low prices across the sellers for a particular listing. Min and Max are user set for monitoring MAP violations.



Currently, the minimum content guidelines you set will be applied to all the data sources you are tracking. We do plan to update this so that you can specify certain guidelines for certain websites.

Tracked means that these ASINs have been uploaded to your account for Copybox and that you are tracking the content and updates associated with these ASINs. Untracked means that these are ASINs that have not been uploaded to your Copybox account or these are ASINs being sold by other sellers (3p) as a variation on your product page.

The “Guideline” column reflects what you set under the “Configure Guidelines” button. Once there, you can set very general content guidelines across all your listings. The “Compliant” column reflects if your listings are following the content template you have supplied.

Using this template…*link to a file template* fill in the relevant columns, delete the ones that you do not want to track. Navigate to Copybox > Select Version “Official” > Bulk Upload Official. Once loaded, navigate back to Version > “Latest” and view the Compliant column for information on whether or not the current content is matching your template

Yes, we track whether there is A+, Enhanced Brand Content, or Plain content on the product page. You can find this information under the “Type” column on the main Copybox page.

When looking at a single product view, there are two panels. The first panel or “Current Content”, shows what the content currently looks like on the site. The second panel or “Prior Content”, shows the content from the last time we detected a change on the product page. Text in green indicates text that was added. Text in red indicates text that was removed.

You can view product content changes across all items by clicking “Export Content”.



No, Searchbox is an Amazon specific tool and only tracks terms on Amazon sites.

“Registered” means that you are tracking these ASINs in Searchbox. “Untracked” means that these ASINs have not been loaded into Searchbox and are thus not being tracked by our software. Untracked items will include both your items not being tracked as well as competitive items that rank for a search term.

Best rank indicates the best rank that an ASIN of yours is achieving for that search term.

The best listing is the name of the ASIN in that “Best Rank” spot.

No, we do not currently track headline search ads.


Ad Station

Scroll down to your campaign list and select the check boxes to the left of the campaign. Once you have the campaigns selected, use the drop down and select “tag”.*
* You can also schedule campaigns this way too.

How do I conditionally apply bid rules?
You will need to tag your campaigns to do this. When you create a bidding rule, you can then apply it to those campaigns with a specific tag.

This feature is in the pipeline. Check back soon for updates on its release!

Yes, you can link multiple accounts by going to “User Settings” and then clicking “Link AMS” (choose the NA or EU marketplace). You will see a popup window asking for your AMS credential, click the “Link AMS” button again to link another account.

We support Amazon Advertising on the North American and European marketplaces.



Currently this is a custom feature. If you do have a list of approved sellers, you can send them to us and we can exclude them on our end.

We offer real-time notifications or continuous alerts for reviews and questions. You can be notified in 3 hours or less if a new review has been posted to one of your ASINs.

We do support this. If you would only like to be notified of certain brands, we can create an additional account under your production license that only contains the brand of interest. From there, you can customize the notification list and when you want to be notified.

Yes! You can set your preference for when you want to be notified by going to Users > Notifications > Filter by Stars. There you can select what star rating you want to be notified of.